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Outram Capital LLC provides independent, equity investment management for private assets.  We focus exclusively on high value-add investment strategies based on the underlying philosophy of "value" investing.

As active investors, we understand that the market will misprice assets for various reasons.  Therefore, we define ourselves as bottom up stock pickers, since we rely on fundamental analysis to put our best ideas to work in a high-conviction 25-stock portfolio.  Since discipline trumps conviction, we have built a multi-factor model based on key reported and expected company financial statement fundamentals in order determine the degree to which a company has been “found” by the Street. 

We also employ a top down review of the world economy to ensure that we are focusing on the "right" themes so that we can properly overweight or underweight various sectors.

As a result, we manage our portfolio to benchmarks and focus on relative return rather than absolute return in order to manage and control risk.

Our investment goal is to practice flexibility, focus, and discipline in our relentless pursuit for superior performance.

We constantly see
opportunities in the market, and we invest based on our determination of the systematic discrepancy between the "financial story" and the market valuation.

Financials Tell A Story

Some people read "The Wizard of Oz" and see a story of a little girl trying to find her way home in a strange world.  Others read the story, and see the tones and colors of a national debate on the Gold Standard.

The presentation of financial statements also tell a story.  Sometimes it's just a simple story about the girl going home.  On other occasions, the bricks on the road actually mean something else, and you need to understand how that road was constructed in order to determine whether it was built on a solid foundation, or whether that foundation will rapidly crumble under a little stress.

That's what we do: Carefully examine the foundation of the financials to determine patterns and whether the "story" matches the market valuation of the shares.



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